ZAC the Titanosaur

Possibly Australia’s Most Complete Sauropod Skeleton

Named after ANZAC day having been being discovered on this day in 2006. At the June 2010 dig it became clear that Zac is one of Australia’s most complete sauropods with over 60 bones already discovered. For the scientifically minded, Zac is the only known articulated skeleton of a sauropod from the Cretaceous Period of Australia. Zac is most likely a new genus and species of dinosaur.

Profile of Zac

Location: West of Eromanga, South-west Queensland, Australia.

Age: Approximately 95-98 million years ago: Cenomanian Epoch , mid-Cretaceous Period.

Size: Based on the remains so far discovered Zac was probably between 15-20m long making it a large sauropod.

Type: Medium-sized plant-eating (herbivorous) sauropod dinosaur.

Formation: Winton Formation, Eromanga Basin.

Classification: It is difficult to determine the classification of Zac because much of the skeleton is enclosed in solid rock, awaiting preparation. Based on specimens so far found Zac will be a peculiar sauropod and unique scientifically, most-likely a species of titanosaur.

Zac in the ground

Interesting facts about Zac