Local Attractions

Things to see and do in Eromanga

Eromanga is famous on several counts, firstly for being the furthest town from the sea in Australia and secondly for the significant palaeontological discoveries of Australia’s largest dinosaurs on a property near Eromanga.

Knot-a-saurus Park Eromanga

Knot-A-Saurus Park

Be sure to take a ‘selfie’ with the Sauropod and her 2 babies at Knot-A-Saurus Park, spot the Dinosaur footprints and interpretive design surrounding them.

ROI Refinery in Eromanga

The IOR Refinery

Refining crude oils into automotive distillates, jet fuel and more – 1250 barrels per day!

Eromanga Living History Centre

Living History Centre

Discover more about Eromanga’s history, see the Object Theatre and Opal Mining Memorial and learn more about Eromanga from the locals.

Old Royal Hotel Eromanga

The Old Royal Hotel

Once a Cobb & Co Staging Post built in 1885. Join a local community BBQ here most Saturdays.

historical town walk Eromanga

Town Historical Walk

Follow the trail of heritage signs telling the story of Eromanga’s historic buildings. Check out the one in front of the Police Station for the locations of the others.

Opalopolis Park

A monument to the Opal miners which is appropriately inlaid with local Boulder Opals.

Kyabra Creek

Located approximately 40km north of Eromanga, with free camping and great fishing.

Yapunyah Sand Dunes

Yapunyah Sand Dunes

Located approximately 35km north of Eromanga, following Kyabra Road.

SW Qld Mulga Lands

South West Queensland’s Mulga Lands are larger than life, timeless and full of surprises.

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