Volunteer at ENHM

Do you enjoy volunteering?  Volunteers travel from all over Australia to help out our passionate ENHM team. Over the years, our volunteers have made a significant contribution to the museum and its range of programs.  It’s a great opportunity to work closely with our outback community, make lifelong friends and to really make a difference. For those interested in volunteering at ENHM, please fill in our expressions of interest form.

Attend an Interview Session

Once your application has been processed, you will be sent email instructions for how to sign up for an interview. During the interview, you’ll have the opportunity to share your skills, tell us your positions of interest and indicate when you are available to volunteer. This interview will be an on-line face-to-face Zoom interview.

Shortly after your interview, you will receive a notification if you have been selected for a volunteer position. Please remember that volunteer placement is a selective process and not all applicants are accepted into the program. The Museum reserves the right to place volunteers in the area staff feels is best suited to the applicant’s skills and the needs of the Museum. A minimum commitment will be required for all volunteer positions and this will be negotiated during your interview. Those who are offered a position will then be given the new volunteer orientation before they start their volunteering.

All new volunteers are required to attend an onsite orientation session.  This session will cover the Museum’s history, emergency procedures, IP, confidentially, organisation, fundraising, sponsors, volunteer benefits and more.  You will receive your volunteer badge then join an orientation tour of the Museum and facilities.

Volunteering at Eromanga Natural History Museum

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Microfossil Prep Technician – new specimen processing involving wet sieving, sorting down to 500 micron under the microscope, identifying and collection assistance.
  • Botanical Collection Assistant – new specimen processing, identifying and collection assistance
  • Cooper’s Country Lodge On-site assistant – during off-season (October – March)
  • Museum Ambassador – meet and greet service to our visitors and/or offsite visitor information service in the towns of Eromanga or Quilpie
  • Fotostation