Do you want to work with dinosaurs?

Eromanga Natural History Museum is Australia’s newest dinosaur museum. Here you can learn how prepare a dinosaur bone, hear about the bizarre animals that evolved post dinosaurs,  and join a megafauna or dinosaur dig.  Given that we are a tourism attraction, you’ll also gain a good understanding of the requirements for working in our dynamic Queensland Tourism industry.

Our visitation numbers are increasing every year along with the need for more enthusiastic team members. If you have a hankering to get out of the city and into the outback for some truly rewarding work, then please get in touch.   We often have new job opportunities for seasonal and permanent employees who are willing to learn new skills, enjoy working with people, have a great work ethic, love dinosaurs and our Australian natural history.

If you are interested in joining our committed team, please contact us with your details. We would love to hear from you.