Australotitan cooperensis

Description: A new giant sauropod, Australotitan cooperensis gen. et sp. nov., from the mid-Cretaceous of Australia.

Scott A. Hocknull, Melville Wilkinson, Rochelle Ann Lawrence, Vladislav Konstantinov, Stuart Mackenzie, Robyn Mackenzie

(new genus/species name -26 characters with spaces) gen. et sp. nov.(pronunciation)

Name Meaning:  291 characters with spaces

Family:  Titanosauria, large-sized plant eating (herbivous)     sauropod dinosaur

Location: Near Eromanga, Quilpie Shire, South West Qld, Southern-central Winton Formation of the Eromanga Basin.

Age: ~93-96 million years ago, Cenomanian/Turonion Epoch, mid-Cretaceous Period

Size: ~28-30m long 6.5m high (ground to hip) and an estimated 67 tonnes Log humeral circumference vs log femoral circumference – Anderson et al. (1985), Campione and Evans (2012), and Benson et al. (2014)

Significance:  Australia’s largest dinosaur and in the top 5 largest dinosaurs in the world by length and mass. The first record of dinosaurs from the southern-central Winton Formation of the Eromanga Basin, Australia.

Story of Discovery:  Discovered by landholders, Stuart and Robyn Mackenzie on their property west of Eromanga in 2006.  The site was excavated between 2006-2009, by the Eromanga Natural History Museum, with the scientific and technical support of the Queensland Museum.  Dr Scott Hocknull and others described (new genus/species name -26 characters with spaces) in PeerJ in 2021.

Major sponsors and supporters:

  • Santos –  Founding dig sponsor
  • Eromanga Earthmovers –  Earth moving  and other machinery
  • Marquee and other support –   Tom and Janine Meakin and Bill Pegler
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